ZMOT – A crucial stage in buying cycle influencing buying behavior

Today, the number of people making online purchases has increased at a pace no one could have ever predicted. And, the credit goes to the ever evolving online technology and digital marketing strategies. So, with more figure of individuals shopping online, it is important you make your brand stand apart in the crowd and get noticed.

How you will make your brand stand out from the crowd?

The answer is Content.

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is commonly used term in marketing industry. It particularly revolves around Content Marketing. ZMOT is different from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing model generally involves three stages, the first one is stimulus, second one is shelf or First Moment of Truth, and the third is the experience.

Stimulus is the stage when you first see the product or the service advertised. Second is the Shelf stage or First Moment OF Truth where you make the purchase. The finishing stage is the experience where you take the product home, use it, and share experiences with people. A survey by Google into customer buying habits indicated there is now an extra stage in buying cycle which occurs in between stimulus and First Moment of Truth. Google coined this stage as ZMOT. It is a point where you begin your journey of research as customer, and start learning about a product or a company making a purchase.

In this well-connected digital world, we do a lot of research before shopping for any product or service. The research is done by a variety of content channels. For example – the top channels are social media, reviews, the brand website, YouTube and taking opinions of family and friends. In simple words, ZMOT is where we study, make our shopping decision, and form opinions on a brand.

As a business aiming high to grab the situation, you should keep yourself posted about the questions your customers may ask at the ZMOT. You must find out what do they want to know about your brand, your service or product. You need to answer all these questions in your content. If your customers leave your website or social media channels unanswered, chances are they will go elsewhere.

At TechGlobe Media, our content marketing strategies is all about the ZMOT. We are a top ZMOT agency offering exceptional content marketing services. We will help you make sure your customers have all the answers they need to know about you and your business. We can help you tell your brand story in a more interesting way.