Why it is important to monitor your website’s loading speed?

With passing years and advancement in web-based technology, the expectations are quite high when it comes to the loading speed of a typical webpage. An average browser is only accustomed to speedily loading pages and applications. Keep it in mind that if your website is lagging behind the ideal loading time even for a second, you risk losing the interest of your prospective visitors.

If you are still not convinced that the speed of your loading page is important for your website’s performance, you should take a look at the below eye-opening findings. They will convince you how crucial it is for you to have an ideal page loading speed for your website.

  • More than 50% percent of online shoppers globally say that if a site is slow, they abandon purchase from that particular online store
  • The demand of high speed loading pages is increasing with time. A page that took same time to load in consecutive years had different conversion hit. With time, there was increased conversion hit for the same page.
  • Maximum web users want the web pages to load in less than two seconds.

Hopefully, the above points will surely convince you to keep a track of the loading speed of your website. Even Google likes page loading speed too much. So, they have added it as one of its main ranking signals.

It is clear how important loading page speed is if you regard usability and SEO for the overall performance of your website. You can test the speed of your website using various speed testing tools available for free.

Some of the most effective speed testing tools include:

  • Webpagetest
  • Pagesspeed Insight by Google
  • Yslow by Yahoo
  • GTMetrix
  • Pingdom Website Speed test

There are any more website speed checking tools you can try to have a constant check and diagnosis of the performance of your website in terms of loading speed. You must do a regular check of the speed. Moreover, if you are adding any images or plugins to your website, you should check the speed once the changes have been implemented on the website.