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ZMOT – A crucial stage in buying cycle influencing buying behavior

Today, the number of people making online purchases has increased at a pace no one could have ever predicted. And, the credit goes to the ever evolving online technology and digital marketing strategies. So, with more figure of individuals shopping online, it is important you make your brand stand apart in the crowd and get noticed.

How you will make your brand stand out from the crowd?

The answer is Content.

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is commonly used term in marketing industry. It particularly revolves around Content Marketing. ZMOT is different from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing model generally involves three stages, the first one is stimulus, second one is shelf or First Moment of Truth, and the third is the experience.

Stimulus is the stage when you first see the product or the service advertised. Second is the Shelf stage or First Moment OF Truth where you make the purchase. The finishing stage is the experience where you take the product home, use it, and share experiences with people. A survey by Google into customer buying habits indicated there is now an extra stage in buying cycle which occurs in between stimulus and First Moment of Truth. Google coined this stage as ZMOT. It is a point where you begin your journey of research as customer, and start learning about a product or a company making a purchase.

In this well-connected digital world, we do a lot of research before shopping for any product or service. The research is done by a variety of content channels. For example – the top channels are social media, reviews, the brand website, YouTube and taking opinions of family and friends. In simple words, ZMOT is where we study, make our shopping decision, and form opinions on a brand.

As a business aiming high to grab the situation, you should keep yourself posted about the questions your customers may ask at the ZMOT. You must find out what do they want to know about your brand, your service or product. You need to answer all these questions in your content. If your customers leave your website or social media channels unanswered, chances are they will go elsewhere.

At TechGlobe Media, our content marketing strategies is all about the ZMOT. We are a top ZMOT agency offering exceptional content marketing services. We will help you make sure your customers have all the answers they need to know about you and your business. We can help you tell your brand story in a more interesting way.


Use LinkedIn to develop thought leadership and authority

It is an indication that more and more businesses will be moving to social media. So, leveraging the benefits of the free exposure provided by a network like LinkedIn really makes a lot of sense. While discussing about social media, many businesses are more eager to discuss about Facebook, Twitter and, Pinterest. They talk less about LinkedIn. It seems they are more frightened by the professional aspects of LinkedIn and, so they don’t embrace it.

Embrace LinkedIn to explore new channels and resources. LinkedIn has more than 259 million users today. One out of every three professionals has a LinkedIn profile. This social media platform is the top most social media website for driving traffic to corporate websites. More than 60% of companies who have business profile have reported that they have acquired B2B customers through LinkedIn. You can best leverage the benefits of this social media platform if your managers, consultants and executives know how to manage effectively on this platform. When you use it sensibly, it will have a positive impact on your social media strategy. It will help you build healthy business relations, awareness and growth. There are multitude benefits of using LinkedIn. We are sharing some of the top ones here.

Great opportunity to access your domain – If you are active on LinkedIn, you get an opportunity to be a part of groups catering to your industry. This helps you build business relations and authority with professionals who are operating in your marketplace. You get an opportunity to learn a lot and share best business practices.

A platform to show your expertise – A professionally completed business profile on LinkedIn gives you a perfect platform to showcase your expertise, experience, recommendations and more.

Enhanced brand awareness and services –LinkedIn offers you a chance to enhance your brand awareness. With professional company pages, employees and promotions, you are able to create a niche for your business, products and services through an effective social media network.

Access to top leads – Active participation in groups will help you build authority, and develop leadership skills. This will help you naturally bring in enquiries about your products and services. So, you get access to top leads in your domain.

Hope you will no more rate LinkedIn as just a networking site for hunting jobs and recruitment needs. By creating a business profile, you will be successful in reaching your potential prospects, existing customers, clients and vendors.


Important social media dos and don’ts from digital market experts

Right from our childhood days, we are told that if we want to learn something new, we should follow people whom we admire, and learn from their successful works.

A good illustration of this is social media. Recently, I took out some fruitful time to keep an eye on experts who are exceptionally doing great on social media. I wanted to see what I can learn from them. After analyzing their work for continuously some time now, I have noticed there are a few patterns of things that these experts do in order to engage their audience on popular social media platforms like Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter.

Here are a few social media dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

You need not have to be on every social media network

This is one thing you should keep in mind. It is not important you need to be active on every social media network. Even some of the biggest brands are not active on every network. You should dedicate your efforts in building an audience on networks that are relevant to your target audience. Before you join any network, you should have a clear goal in front of you. If you find a network is not helping you reach your business goal, that’s okay. You should stop putting efforts on that particular network and start concentrating on other networking sites.

Use images and videos wherever required

You might have noticed social media experts use images and videos while they are putting their efforts on social media. It is not that they are just blasting out images and videos like that. They do this to grab the attention of their audience. Images and videos make content more interesting and engaging. Images and videos will grow your engagement on social media.

Automatic Direct Messages on Twitter are a complete NO-NO

You are on social media for building a good relationship, and reaching out to new connections. So, avoid using automatic direct messages on Twitter. Instead of that, you should take time to craft fresh tweets mentioning your new followers. This will help you strengthen good relationship with your clients.

Try incorporating these dos and don’ts in your social media strategy. You will see a lot of improvement in your social media marketing efforts.


Why many businesses have rough run in digital marketing?

I have got several chances to talk with businesses that had a rough run in digital marketing. Although the list of reasons for having a bad experience is too long, but most of them can be easily avoided. The reasons can be anything, from ineffective digital marketing strategies, poor implementation of strategies to lack of use of latest analytics and technologies. There are many things that can go wrong.


One of the top reasons why companies have bad experience by hiring digital marketing services is that they forget to clarify their objectives clearly.


What are your expectations? The most common answer to this question I get from businesses is “engagement “and “reach”. These two words, engagement and reach are not your actual objectives. You should be clear about your objectives and goals. If you are not able to share your expectations clearly with your digital marketing partner, you are not going to achieve success. Be straightforward while you are explaining your business objectives and goals. You need to trust them if you want to gain from their expertise. If not, then you are doomed to cycles of getting bad digital marketing services. This will further not lead you to achieve what exactly you want. Early you talk to your digital partner clearly and specifically, you are bound to get success.


Keep the process simple while you are sharing your thoughts with your digital marketing partner. Along with that gaze their expertise, honesty, and values to make out whether they will meet up to your expectations or not.