Are you using right Facebook Advertising objectives to reach your 2018 business goals?

Over the last few years, there’s been a dramatic surge in social media consumption throughout the world. And the spell of social media doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. It’s not hard to see why that is though, considering how much space Facebook acquires in our everyday lives. Facebook is integrated into our society […]

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UX and UI Design- A Discussion

In the internet era website is not an unknown word for anyone. We all are familiar with this term and browse so many websites in our daily routine. There are lots of websites present on internet, some websites are very impressive and informative and some are confusing. The look and feel of any website not […]

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Effective measurement plan for marketing strategies

Today marketing is undergoing a tremendous evolution because of the propagation of several digital marketing channels. As a result, marketers who want to scale more heights in their specific industry are redirecting their efforts and concentration on a more holistic understanding of their marketing performance. To drive maximum digital response and identify appropriate digital marketing […]

Measurement Plan
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Drupal – The most secured content management system

Drupal is a popular content management system used in the area of web development. It is all secure, robust, powerful and well supported. This CMS is a choice for many large organizations. And it is also popular among small businesses as it is very simple to use. Drupal provides a scalable flexible platform for any organization to

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Will PPC work for my business?

When compared with the ineffective crapshoot which is traditional marketing, there is no better way to get targeted traffic than through PPC. If you are not clear what exactly they are, those are the sponsored links that show up..

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Ultimate Tips to Creating a Successful Online Business

Establishing a successful online business can be a big challenge even for experienced entrepreneurs because the numbers of pitfalls multiply quickly as technology become increasingly diverse.

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ZMOT – A crucial stage in buying cycle influencing buying behavior

Today, the number of people making online purchases has increased at a pace no one could have ever predicted. And, the credit goes to the ever evolving online technology and digital marketing strategies.

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Proactive approach to online reputation management

Building a solid online reputation takes time and an elaborate strategy. But this solid company reputation can be undone in just a few hours if you do not keep a good track of it.

Building a solid online reputation takes time and an elaborate strategy. But this solid company reputation can be undone in just a few hours if you do not keep a good track of it. Negative reviews about you can spread like wildfire, especially in an environment that is open all round the clock. Negative online content can impact your visitor views about your company. As per the findings, more than 80% people say online reviews influence their opinions about any company. Also, negative online reviews about products and services change the buying decision of the consumers. With all these things at stake, it is important to have a good online reputation management in place to measure what people say about your business. Keep a proactive approach to know what people are saying about you on the Internet. There are a number of free tools you can use to take control of your online presence. Not only can you know what people are saying about you, you can also know about your competitors’ reputation. Some of the free tools you can use for monitoring your online reputation are Google Alerts, Tweet Alarm, Hyper Alerts, Social Mention, Pin Alerts, Topsy, Monitor complaint websites and Image Raider. The online reputation management tools are a great help for monitoring your online reputation. They are a necessity for you. You will get success in establishing a credible and authoritative online presence.
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Use LinkedIn to develop thought leadership and authority

It is an indication that more and more businesses will be moving to social media. So, leveraging the
benefits of the free exposure provided by a network like LinkedIn really makes a lot of sense.

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Why it is important to monitor your website’s loading speed?

With passing years and advancement in web-based technology, the expectations are quite high when it comes to the loading speed of a typical webpage.

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Important social media dos and don’ts from digital market experts

Right from our childhood days, we are told that if we want to learn something new, we should follow people whom we admire, and learn from their successful works.

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Why many businesses have rough run in digital marketing?

I have got several chances to talk with businesses that had a rough run in digital marketing. Although the list of reasons for having a bad experience is too long, but most of them can be easily avoided.

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